Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) 2016

3D Printing Pittsburgh (3DPPGH) came about during a typical conversation between Ryan and Chris at HackPGH. They attended MRRF 2016 with the intent of demonstrating a Printrbot BigE… It worked- eventually. They were able to get this bad boy capable of printing an object up to 1 m3 in volume to print a 20 mm calibration cube. The lead-up and attendance of MRRF made it very clear that Pittsburgh needed a 3D printing hobbyist group. We were a couple of white chubby dudes doing this stuff in our basements, and we were sure there were more than us out there.

So, we created 3D Printing Pittsburgh (3DPPGH). Ryan is the Chief Bed Leveler, and Chris is the Chief Hot End.