Location: Steam Studio

This meeting was focused on kids doing cool 3D printed projects. Steam Studio hosted us again with an open house. Ally showed off her ultrasonic particle tweezers, and Brandon was demonstrating his personal 3D scanner based on an XBox Kinect. He then posted the .stl files for printing your own bust.

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3DPPGH Goes to Steam Studio

Location: Steam Studio

Our friends at Steam Studio hosted our monthly meeting with an open house. We hosted 3D printer demonstrations for the public. Some of our printers on display included:

  • Monoprice Select Mini
    • based on the Malyan M200
    • with a few mods: glass bed w/ Kapton tape, Z height adjustment, & knob extension
  • FlashForge Creator
    • Makerbot Replicator 1 Dual Clone
    • with a few mods: glass bed w/ PEI film, aluminum arm stiffeners, & acrylic enclosure
  • The (Unofficial) Replicator XL
  • Custom (Unofficial) MendelMax Wide

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