The Moat Boat Paddle Battle

Location: HackPGH

With the World Maker Faire nearly upon us in New York, Chris spoke to the group about the Moat Boat Paddle Battle started by HackPGH founder, Matt Stultz. You design and 3D print a boat that can be propelled by a rubber band. Then you race it in the troughs! There is actually a substantial list of rules.

Check out this cool teaser video by Matt Griffin from World Maker Faire 2015:

3DPPGH Goes to the BoXZY Factory

Location: BoXZY

Happy Birthday to 3DPPGH- we just turned 1! Joel Johnson was too kind and invited us to tour his company’s factory. BoXZY was a successful multi-platform digifab tool Kickstarter turned business. Even cooler, they started it all from TechShop Pittsburgh.

Click here for the Google Photo album.

We got more than the nickel tour. We saw the entire BoXZY build process, played with cool 3D printed items, and cut our birthday cake with a sword (seriously, we did) which was fabricated on the BoXZY system.

Bringing Together Makers & The 3D Printing Community

Location: HackPGH

Wow… Just, wow…

Rapid + TCT took place in Pittsburgh this year, and our humble little 3D Printing group brought together MatterHackers, Ultimaker, Make:, Lulzbot,, and Makers for a fantastic night of 3D printing tech talk and a little southwest food flair.

I would write more in this post; however, Sarah Goehrke, Editor-in-Chief of, already did! Check out her coverage of our event here.

Sarah Goehrke, Editor-in-Chief of, wrote an article about this month’s massive meetup!

Chris and Ryan had press credentials, and they got to hang out at the conference as well. You can see more about that here!

Yohe is not only a Printrbot fanboy…

Delta, Delta, Deltas

Location: TechShop Pittsburgh

This month we compared and contrasted the differences between cartesian and delta style 3D printers. We were hosted by Justin Harvilla at TechShop, and Billy Zelsnack shared some of his expertise with both designing a delta printer for sale and the Kickstarter experience! Ryan presented some slides:

How to Test the Performance of Your Printer

Location: HackPGH

This month covers the Make: Magazine 3D printer review process and how you can determine the performance of your own 3D printer. Armed with this information, you can make focused modifications in both hardware and software to tweak your printer’s performance.

Ryan and Chris were finally able to share the exciting results from this past year’s 3D printer and digifab shootout. Ryan’s review of the Prusa Research MK2 made the cover. Want to test the performance of your 3D printer? You can download the same test probes used during the 3D Printer Shootout here.

Printing Christmas Ornaments (and Drinking Spiked Eggnog)

Location: HackPGH

We decided to start a tradition for our December meeting:

  • 3D print something as a group which will most likely be ornaments
  • Drink eggnog and rum (or both)

Ryan designed up a 3DPPGH logo Christmas ornament, and the group tried their hand at filament swapping to achieve a 2-color print.

The Monoprice Maker Select knocked out 4 ornaments at a time with a color change from yellow to black.

Want to print one of your own? You can find the .stl file here on Thingiverse.

How to Build a Kit

Location: HackPGH

This month was all about 3D printer kits and what to expect from your first kit experience. Chris led the group through: Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Those That Don’t Listen…

In addition to our usual presentation materials, check out Chris’s time-lapse of a Tronxy 3D printer build.

3DPPGH Goes to Steam Studio

Location: Steam Studio

Our friends at Steam Studio hosted our monthly meeting with an open house. We hosted 3D printer demonstrations for the public. Some of our printers on display included:

  • Monoprice Select Mini
    • based on the Malyan M200
    • with a few mods: glass bed w/ Kapton tape, Z height adjustment, & knob extension
  • FlashForge Creator
    • Makerbot Replicator 1 Dual Clone
    • with a few mods: glass bed w/ PEI film, aluminum arm stiffeners, & acrylic enclosure
  • The (Unofficial) Replicator XL
  • Custom (Unofficial) MendelMax Wide

Click here to go to the Google Photos Album.